Google Caffeine Launch Data Center IP

Google has been testing out a major algorithm and search engine update, namely ‘Caffeine’ for several months and it seems it’s ready to go live this November 2009. According to Matt Cutts, they will activate Caffeine on just one data center this month and will only be fully released in January 2010, just after the holidays. So, how many data centers does Google have and what are their IPs?  Continue reading Google Caffeine Launch Data Center IP

List of Common SEO Tasks and Responsibilities

Couple friends of mine had a clear understanding what can be achieved online with SEO, but could not figure out how to do it. What are the most common tasks and the responsibilities such a job entails? As you know, Search Engine Optimization is the ongoing effort of optimizing a website’s on-page and off-page aspects so that it attracts more organic traffic. I’m listing below the 5 main tasks which any SEO expert will do on a regular basis. Continue reading List of Common SEO Tasks and Responsibilities

Web Usage Metrics

We all know that SEO is continuously evolving, mainly because search engines keep improving their own algorithms relentlessly aiming to give better results for every individual search query. It’s no news that we’re getting many more vertical results in serps for example, such as images, video clips, news headlines and local business listings (to mention some). What’s surprising to some extent is finding out that Google is already using web usage metrics to determine ranking positions especially for localization. Continue reading Web Usage Metrics

Who is Aaron Wall?

Aaron Wall is an extremely accomplished author and marketer of the tremendously popular The last born in a family of four children and brought up by a single parent; mother, he was born in 1979 in Oakland, California. He has constantly been a regular speaker in PubCon symposiums and an excellent Search Engine Strategies expert. Continue reading Who is Aaron Wall?

Changing IP Address without Losing Google Ranking

During a website’s lifespan, we may need to change the web host, which will inevitably lead to a change in IP address too. Many webmasters think that by changing the IP address they could possibly lose Google rankings, however if a proper procedure is followed, this is definitely not the case.

Here I will be explaining all the issues one should be aware of, related to changing IP address without losing Google ranking. This procedure is initiated by simply changing the DNS to point to the new web host. Continue reading Changing IP Address without Losing Google Ranking

On-Page Basic SEO Tips – Urls, Head and Body Areas

One aspect of SEO is on-page optimization. Here I will be giving some basic tips, yet important factors for achieving positive search engine rankings. Sometimes even experts tend to overlook these issues when planning a new website. One of the most critical factors in my opinion is deciding on a url structure. Although we can change any online url in the future, ideally we shouldn’t. Continue reading On-Page Basic SEO Tips – Urls, Head and Body Areas

SEO Blog by a Maltese Professional

Welcome to my SEO blog! Although I’m generally too busy working on massive projects for international clients and optimizing my own websites, I will be around to talk about search engine optimization and share with you my professional insights and tactics to attract organic traffic from the major search engines, in particularly Google and Live Search.

I will also be reviewing some of the best tools available and giving you my personal recommendations. Will be blogging about other SEO experts in this industry that one should be aware of and mentioning some of the most successful websites owned by Maltese individuals too. Most of all, I will be around to answer any questions you might have about search engine optimization. Continue reading SEO Blog by a Maltese Professional