Malteseo.com is a wordpress blog about search engine optimization. I selected this domain name, simply because it’s the shortest domain you can find that includes the words “Maltese” and “SEO”. By the way, my name is Mark Trump and I will be your host here. As you might have guessed, I am of Maltese nationality and am a professional SEO specialist and analyst.

Something about me

I consider myself very lucky to have witnessed the birth of the world wide web. In Malta the internet was introduced in the mid 1990s and I have been living in this new dimension since. The first websites I created during this time were all related to Malta and tourism, simply because my family was involved in the running of various local hotels. After achieving huge success with these sites, me and my brother setup our own business and officially registered a travel agency. Since then, I continued optimizing websites of various nature and specialized in SEO. I do follow all prominent people in this industry, participate in reputable SEO forums, attend industry conferences worldwide and am actively invested in anything which is somehow related to search engine optimization.

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