Welcome to my search engine optimization blog. I am the best SEO expert in Malta and have set up this blog merely to achieve a personal online presence and mostly it is definitely something I enjoy doing. I surely do not want to promote my SEO services in Malta or anywhere else in the world. As a matter of fact, I’m already too busy working on various interesting projects, which more then finance my family’s luxurious lifestyle.

Are you looking for an international or Maltese SEO Company? Unless you have significant budgets to hire experts who spend countless hours analyzing search engines, you will be wasting your time and money. You’re much better off doing no search engine optimization at all and focus on publishing compelling content and improving your website’s design to enhance user experience, then hiring the random SEO amateur who will damage your site.

Organic SEO when done properly has priceless long term benefits!

You will find loads of websites discussing SEO issues, but in most cases they will be aimed to people who have little to no clue on how to optimize a site for search engines. Most of the information publicly available is either outdated or will give you no competitive advantage whatsoever. Just to give you an example, a particular optimization tactic which could have been very effective few months back, could even get you penalized today.

I like to compare the SEO profession with that of a surgeon. That is, you definitely don’t want to hire an amateur cause he might and will fail badly. Also, it’s not only about reaching the set goals, but it’s the way you reach them. For example, I am sure you would not want to live with ugly scars on your body for the rest of your life just because you hired a surgeon that is not good at what he or she does. Also, our professions are continuously evolving and tomorrow will have new technology and tools to do the job even better.

If you still think that websites like mine can at least give you some insight about search engine optimization, feel free to browse around. I do share unparalleled SEO tips from time to time and do log experiments occasionally here too, but honestly keeping this website updated is low priority for me. Having said that, I hope you enjoy what you read and feel free to contact me if you’re still not ranking higher than your competitors.

I wish you best of luck with your search engine optimization!

Mark Trump

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