Who is Aaron Wall?

Aaron Wall is an extremely accomplished author and marketer of the tremendously popular SEOBook.com. The last born in a family of four children and brought up by a single parent; mother, he was born in 1979 in Oakland, California. He has constantly been a regular speaker in PubCon symposiums and an excellent Search Engine Strategies expert.

In the recent years, Aaron Wall and the sites he managed to generate have regularly been mentioned and appreciated both in print and online publications. These consist of well known websites like TechCrunch and Slashdot and going on further to the London Times, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, USA Today, The Register, Wired, The Guardian, Time Magazine, MSNBC and Business2.0. The other modes were in Marketing News and iMediaConnection. The few latest examples include Forbes: Condemned To Google Hell and The Wall Street Journal: In Search of Traffic. In the later an interview that was conducted by Kelly Spors was also included.

In 2005, legal claims were taken on Aaron Wall by Traffic Power. The grounds of the legal action were publication of the trade secrets and denouncement. This case was intimately monitored since it dealt with the lawful subject of the person that is legally responsible for the posted online remarks on both blogs and sites. Because the case lacked personal jurisdiction and due to the failure of the Traffic Power to petition in the agreed time, it was dismissed.

After his release, he was able to carry on with his work of SEO Book.com. This leading blog by Aaron covered the majority of search spaces. The blog gives search analysis and advertising guidelines among other haphazard rants that came to people’s minds. In December 2003, the initial version of his popular SEO Book was published. He then later came to revise it approximately fifty times after that. Some of Aaron’s other projects have been used as references by libraries and received honors; my search engine. The honors received were JournalismNet pick of the week. Wall additionally founded review network blog called ReviewMe. He also does small and large-client consultations.

Having accurately written and compiled the search engine optimization book, he had abilities of understanding the industries both inwardly and outwardly. The book is utilized as the class text for the MBA students, making the course of study even simpler because in it, he explains further how to go about marketing strategies and all what entails proper management skills. Aaron Wall is also accredited to the seo book website which has currently Google PR3. With his great initiative, Aaron Wall has made an immense contribution to SEO writing.