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Google Caffeine Launch Data Center IP

Google has been testing out a major algorithm and search engine update, namely ‘Caffeine’ for several months and it seems it’s ready to go live this November 2009. According to Matt Cutts, they will activate Caffeine on just one data center this month and will only be fully released in January 2010, just after the holidays. So, how many data centers does Google have and what are their IPs? 

Although we can easily find online a list of the most common Google data centers, noone knows exactly all IPs, simply because search engine engineers change them regularly too. There’s definitely more than a dozen main ones and local ones worldwide are being setup too. Everyone is asking today “Google Caffeine will launch on which data center first?” I’ve done extensive research online and can’t find any reports yet, but as soon as I have more information will be writing about it here. Read more about this subject by following this link to Matt Cutt’s post.

So what’s all the hype about the Caffeine update? According to Google engineers it’s an amazing upgrade to its search engine, as regarding indexing, the ranking algorithm and its potential to keep evolving constantly. Am pretty sure that once it’s completely rolled out in 2010, we will see even more changes in how Google displays results.

I done some testing myself on the developer preview and although I noticed some difference between current rankings, changes were minimal. In my opinion the Caffeine update won’t effect much search engine results in the short term, but the new technology behind it will give Google engineers the facility to migrate Google search as we know it today to the search of the future! What’s your take on it? If you manage to find out on which IP or data center is Google Caffeine rolled out on, please do let us know here.

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