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List of Common SEO Tasks and Responsibilities

Couple friends of mine had a clear understanding what can be achieved online with SEO, but could not figure out how to do it, what are the most common tasks and the responsibilities such a job entails. As you know, Search Engine Optimization is the ongoing effort of optimizing a website’s on-page and off-page aspects so that it attracts more organic traffic. I’m listing below the 5 main tasks which any SEO expert will do on a regular basis.

SEO Task 1 – Keyword research (fine-tuning or finding new areas of opportunities)

How to do keyword research?

  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Analyze at your own website’s traffic sources and webmaster tools
  • Use various online tools such as Google’s Search-based Keyword Tool
  • Check what key phrases are bringing traffic to your competitors
  • Estimating competition for same keywords on search engines
  • Create lists of key phrases you intend to target

SEO Task 2 – On-site optimization (helping search engines to find all content correctly)

How to do on-page optimization?

  • Check validation of the website’s code as per W3C standards
  • Optimize HTML page titles, meta tags and content
  • Enhance the internal linking structure
  • Sort all canonicalization issues
  • Create robots.txt and sitemap.xml

SEO Task 3 – Building online authority (gaining quality incoming links)

How to build online authority?

  • Search engine submissions
  • DMOZ, Yahoo and other directory submissions
  • Optimize press releases
  • Post content on 3rd party websites
  • Contribute in your niche’s blogging community
  • Contact people who might be interested in recommending your website
  • Promotion of exceptional content for linkbaiting

SEO Task 4 – Monitoring industry changes (keeping up-to-date with algo changes)

How to monitor industry changes?

  • Participate in specialized SEO forums and online communities
  • Follow and communicate with the most popular SEO experts
  • Testing various SEO ideas and monitoring performance

SEO Task 5 – Maintenance and reporting (for successful long-term benefits)

What are the most common SEO reports?

  • Tracking number of indexed pages and incoming links for your website
  • Keyword ranking reports to monitor position on search engines
  • Daily, weekly and monthly organic traffic reports
  • Reporting spam in search results to search engines

The above tips are not a complete list of all SEO tasks and responsibilities, but am sure it gives a clear picture of the effort involved. If you’re looking for freelance workers, follow this link.

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